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          Presets for ZPS X

          Change a photo’s whole mood in just one click.With presets, it will be a snap. These sets of pre-configured settings for the Develop module that automatically adjust your photos are among the best-loved features in ZPS X.


          Download presets packs:


          Learn to import presets—watch this video tutorial


          How Do I Install My Preset Pack?

          1. Download the presets onto your computer.
          2. Start ZPS X.
          3. Switch into the Develop module.
          4. Go to the presets settings .
          5. Click on Menu.
          6. Click on Import Presets...
          7. Select the file named winter_pack.zpspresets and click on Open.
          8. Choose the presets that you want to import and the folder where you want to store them.
          9. You’re done! You can start discovering which presets you like the most.