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          Press room



          Michal Prouza

          Michal Prouza


          Logo and icons for ZPS and other ZPS products and services.



          Zoner Photo Studio X product packaging graphics.


          ZPS X

          Current screenshots of the ZPS X interface.



          For more information on design and brand materials, please visit brand.zoner.com


          Press Releases

          March 15th, 2022Zoner Photo Studio X 2022: Tailor made for you
          September 14th, 2021The Zoner Photo Studio X Fall Update: Bringing the Biggest Changes to the Develop Module Since the Launch of ZPS X
          August 16th, 2021It is our pleasure to announce that Zoner Photo Studio X has won the EISA PHOTO SOFTWARE 2021-2022 award.
          May 20th, 2021Zoner Photo Studio X becomes the first Czech product to receive a prestigious TIPA World Award
          March 9th, 2021Zoner Photo Studio X Spring Update: Improved video clips and more effective photo editing
          September 15th, 2020This autumn’s Zoner Photo Studio X: More local edits, the new Luma curve, and file variants
          May 5th, 2020A New Special Update to Zoner Photo Studio Focuses on Photo Books
          March 3rd, 2020This spring’s Zoner Photo Studio beats the competition at color editing
          September 17th, 2019The Zoner Photo Studio X Autumn Update: New Export, Flawless Color Management, and Free-form Collages
          April 3rd, 2019Zoner Photo Studio X Spring Update: Fast work with RAWs and Face-aware Liquify with A.I. detection
          September 11th, 2018Zoner Photo Studio X Adds Full-fledged Video Editing and Exportable Presets
          June 26th, 2018Zoner Photo Studio X Introduces Zoner Photo Cloud: Personal Online Storage That’s Made for Photographers
          April 10th, 2018Zoner Photo Studio X Newly Offers Monthly Option for Its License Payments
          March 27th, 2018Zoner Photo Studio X Bringing Much Faster RAW Work and AI to Find Faces in Pictures
          November 29th, 2017Zoner Photo Studio X adds unique retouching features that beat the competition.
          September 6th, 2017Zoner Photo Studio X celebrates its first year and presents globally unique retouching brush
          June 6th, 2017Zoner Photo Studio X brings a price cut, more convenient photo comparisons, and an improved Clarity feature for stunning pictures
          March 21st, 2017Zoner Photo Studio X gains revolutionary new improvements: superb auto-enhancement and the intuitive Filter Brush
          December 7th, 2016Zoner Photo Studio X Winter Update Brings Loads of New Features Just Three Months After Release
          October 4th, 2016New Updates in Zoner PhotoStudio X include working with layers, in-program photo products ordering,advanced image search and more
          April 14th, 2016Zonerama Offers Entire Photo Library Rescue for Picasa RefugeesDownload
          November 1st, 2015Suite of New Features Makes Brand New Zoner Photo Studio 18 Even More Powerful & Easier to UseDownload
          March 5th, 2015Zoner Postcards—Send Real Postcards Worldwide from Android, iOS, and the WebDownload
          February 18th, 2015Zoner Photo Studio Now Available in SpanishDownload
          September 29th, 2014Zoner Announces the U.S. Release of Zoner Photo Studio 17Download
          May 28th, 2014With Suite of New Features, Zonerama.com Makes Its Free Cloud Photo Service Even StrongerDownload
          March 6th, 2014New Zoner Android release brings Chromecast support, multi core speed, and unique black-and-white conversionDownload
          February 10th, 2014The New Zoner Photo Studio for Android: TV Photo Presentations Have Never Been EasierDownload
          January 30th, 2014PhotographyBLOG Names Zoner Photo Studio 16 “Software Of The Year”Download
          October 9th, 2013Zoner’s photo editing and management program is among the most-downloaded software on CNETDownload
          October 2nd, 2013Zoner Photo Studio 16: The first touch-friendly Windows PC softwareDownload
          June 3rd, 2013Zoner Photo Studio Android App Now AvailableDownload
          May 23rd, 2013Zoner Photo Studio Rolls Out Touch Control Functionality For Windows Touchscreen SystemsDownload
          January 17th, 2013Zoner Photo Studio FREE—Better Than Ever, Free ForeverDownload
          October 15th, 2012Zoner Photo Studio 15—Everything for Photos, All in One PlaceDownload
          March 12th, 2012Zonerama Web Gallery Ecosystem Now Includes Android ApplicationDownload
          February 23th, 2012Zoner Photo Studio 14 FREE now availableDownload
          December 9th, 2011Zoner Software to Exhibit at PMA@CES in Las VegasDownload
          November 16th, 2011The New Zoner Photo Studio 14: In Every Picture’s StoryDownload
          June 28, 2011Zoner Software Launches New Zoner Photo Studio FREE Based on Version 13Download
          March 1, 2011Zoner Software Launches Zoner Photo Studio Free in JapaneseDownload
          February 3, 2011Zoner Photo Studio 13 Now Available In Multiple LanguagesDownload
          December 7, 2010Zoner Software Launches Zoner Photo Studio 13Download
          September 9, 2010Zoner Software Launches Zoner Photo Studio Free in Four New LanguagesDownload
          August 11, 2010Unique 10-bit Color Support Added to Zoner Photo StudioDownload