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          Spring 2022
          Do It Your Way

          Some people like a clean, distraction-free working environment. Others like having all their information in plain view. Our new update satisfies both people by offering the ability to customize ZPS X according to your needs. You can also view photos faster and more conveniently than ever before. We’ve also included exciting, new updates to video editing.


          We’ve written an article and made this video for you:

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          Customize previews

          For the first time in the history of ZPS X, you have complete freedom when it comes to displaying information for photo previews, including formatting and colors. It’s all up to you now!

          • Visual configuration of preview
          • Support for format strings
          • Separate settings for each preview

          Customize thumbnails

          With the spring update, you finally have control over how thumbnails appear in the Manager module and filmstrip. Image information is cleaner and more streamlined.

          Tip: Find all thumbnail settings in the menu (Ctrl+M)


          Fast rating of photos

          A single click changes the rating or colored labels for photos.


          Choose which information is displayed

          Display only what you need. This can be done separately for the Manager and filmstrip.


          Display metadata below thumbnails

          Using format strings, display the metadata you need.


          Newly customizable thumbnail layout

          This new feature makes customizing the Manager a breeze. You get direct access to a number of settings using fewer clicks. Plus, it stays open for further changes.

          Try all the new features right now for free

          Try the newly-updated ZPS X for one month free. If you already tried ZPS X in the past, receive an extra 15 days to familiarize yourself with the updates.


          Download ZPS X
          Free and with no obligation


          Newly redesigned Browser

          What can be enhanced in photo viewing? Everything! The Browser works with RAW files faster and more efficiently than before. It also supports fast previews and you can customize its appearance.

          • Customizable appearance
          • Option to display metadata
          • Separate settings for viewing and browsing
          • Advance photos with a click of the mouse
          • Improved video viewing
          • New blending effects

          Access the Browser at any time using the F3 key. The Browser also functions as a separate application for opening files in Windows Explorer.


          Faster workflow

          Less loading time is our long-time goal. Introducing more new features to speed up your workflow.


          Fast previews for more efficient workflow

          ZPS X automatically chooses the best source for preview speed or display quality. Select which you prefer.

          More efficient preview cache and faster Catalog

          Expect less reloading, more efficient preview cache, and faster loading of thumbnails.

          Display transparency in thumbnails

          Thumbnails now support transparency display. You no longer have to open graphics in the Editor module to check.


          Fast previews 1:1

          You can now see if the preview you are viewing has the same resolution as the original photo. In this case, Fast Preview 1:1 will appear next to the photo.

          Fast Previews 1:1 can also be manually loaded for a folder from the Navigator.


          Fisheye Lens correction

          In the Develop Module, you can now use LCP profiles for fisheye lenses to correct the intensity of distortion and vignetting.


          Test out all the ZPS X spring updates

          It’s free and with no obligation. In just a few minutes, you can be editing your photos with the newly updated ZPS X. What are you waiting for?


          Download the newly updated ZPS X


          The Create module is now the Print and Video modules

          We have big plans for video editing and photo products. For this reason, we are splitting the Create module in two. In the Print and Video modules, you can find the same popular functions that work as they did before with many more new features to come.


          Updated video editing


          Option to export images

          Useful for creating video thumbnails and exporting images from 4K videos.


          Fit to Fill

          Takes the length of the new clip into account when replacing a clip.


          Replace whole clip

          When replacing clips, preserves the position of the start and end of adjacent clips.


          Zonerama goes global

          Your favorite, free online photo gallery now has a second data center in Florida. For photographers based in North America, this means faster photo loading. Zonerama automatically selects the right data center during account creation.

          Tip: If you are extra tech-savvy, you can request a transfer between data centers in settings.


          Get started with Zoner Photo Studio X today

          You can try the new features yourself in a matter of a few minutes and with no obligation.


          Download ZPS X free
          Supports Windows 10 & 11